Injured construction worker next to hard hat

Two Brooklyn construction workers recently suffered serious injuries when a wall collapsed in a building they were demolishing.  This accident adds to the growing list of Brooklyn construction site accidents that have caused grievous harm to workers.

The fact that construction sites are inherently dangerous is evident from recent statistics, which show that 20% of all on-the-job fatal accidents are related to construction jobs. To secure their right to collect the largest available damages awards, construction accident victims should first tend to their injuries. Then they should retain a lawyer in Brooklyn at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green.

Which parties are responsible for damages when a Brooklyn construction worker is hurt on the job?

In Brooklyn and throughout New York, workers’ compensation benefits will be an injured construction employee’s first line of recovery for an on-the-job injury. These benefits, however, will not reimburse all related losses and expenses. Several different contractors and subcontractors perform tasks at a typical construction site. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the worker may have an opportunity to file a lawsuit against:

  • The construction site owner
  • Other contractors, sub-contractors, or material suppliers
  • Professionals and managers, including engineers and safety inspectors who failed to ensure the safety of a construction site
  • Equipment manufacturers whose defective machinery injured a construction worker

A Brooklyn construction accident attorney will examine the specific facts surrounding each accident to assess which parties bear liability for the worker’s costs and expenses.

Other than workers’ compensation, what damages can an injured construction worker collect?

Workers’ compensation will generally pay medical bills and reimburse a portion of lost wages. In addition, a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn  can help the construction accident victim to recover:

  • Payments for anticipated future injury-related medical costs and expenses
  • Reimbursement for ongoing physical therapy and occupational training if the construction injury prevents the worker from performing certain tasks that were previously performed
  • Replacement of unearned future income and lost employment opportunities
  • The value of the worker’s pain and suffering
  • Payments for loss of consortium and reduced quality of family life

When should an injured construction worker accept an insurance settlement?

Construction contractors and their liability insurance carriers often attempt to resolve a negligence lawsuit with a quick settlement. It offers an injured worker a nominal lump-sum payment in exchange for a release from further liability. However, they should always consult a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer before signing settlement agreements or accepting any insurance company funds.

The lawyer will be able to procure a substantially larger settlement. However, if the insurance carriers are unwilling to settle, the lawyer will move forward with a lawsuit to collect the largest potential damages award from all negligent parties. 

What should the worker’s family do if the construction accident causes a fatality?

When a worker dies in a construction accident, their representatives or family members can pursue a wrongful death claim to recover compensation. This would include funeral costs that exceed the reimbursement provided by workers’ comp and certain other non-economic damages that the family members have suffered.

To succeed with this claim, the worker’s family must show that the employer or some other party was negligent. Further, that negligence caused an accident that claimed the worker’s life. In the event of a construction worker fatality, their family should always consult with a lawyer. This ensures that they will recover the full measure of compensation they are entitled to receive.

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