If you have an accident due to negligence on someone else’s property in Westchester County, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries. Next, you should consult a Westchester County premises liability lawyer to understand your right to recover compensation for your expenses associated with those injuries.

For more than 50 years, at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green, we have helped injured New Yorkers collect the largest damages awards for their injuries. If property owners fail to keep their premises safe from known dangers, they should be held accountable. We use our in-depth knowledge and experience to pursue premises liability claims for our injured clients.

Consult with a premises liability attorney in Westchester County to understand the level of care that a property owner owes to you

A Westchester County owner of residential or commercial property owes a duty of care to individuals. An individual is implicitly invited onto a commercial property, for example, by a business that maintains open hours for public use. Individuals who suffer injuries in trip-and-fall accidents on public property can file a claim against a municipal or state entity. However, the procedural rules to file a lawsuit against a public entity are stricter and have shorter deadlines. An injured individual should not hesitate to consult with a premises liability attorney in Westchester County, NY, after suffering slip-and-fall injuries on public property anywhere in the county.

You can recover substantial compensation after a Westchester County slip-and-fall accident

If you file an insurance claim with a property owner’s liability insurance carrier, that company will likely seek to limit your recovery to your immediate medical expenses. Further, they will ask you to sign a full release to waive your right to seek additional compensation.

If, however, you are represented by a Westchester County personal injury lawyer, your lawyer will seek a substantially larger damages award. It could include your actual and anticipated future medical expenses, the wages you could not earn, and your costs and expenses associated with the pain and suffering inflicted upon you.

Your Westchester County slip and fall lawyer will also verify that evidence of your accident is fully preserved and recorded to support your case. If you wait to retain a lawyer until well after the accident happened, much of that evidence will be dissipated, and witness memories will have faded. Your best opportunity to recover the full amount of compensation is to retain a knowledgeable and experienced premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. 

Premises liability accidents can happen anywhere and at any time in Westchester County

Premises liability accidents happen everywhere, regardless of how careful you might be. Consider, for example:

  • Ice and snow can accumulate during winter months, and property owners might fail to remove these hazards, leaving dangerous conditions for walking
  • Commercial or residential landlords might delay necessary repairs to broken steps or loose carpets
  • Spills in restaurants or grocery stores can lead to slip-and-fall mishaps
  • Construction managers might fail to allow for safe walkways around job zones, requiring pedestrians to walk on uneven or unstable grounds  
  • Unsecured or unguarded swimming pools can be a source of drownings and other hazards
  • Property managers might fail to provide adequate security in parking areas or around apartment complexes, creating unsafe conditions that lead to assaults or other attacks.

If you are in an accident on someone else’s property, do not assume that you will not be able to recover compensation for your injuries because your accident does not fit a specific fact pattern. Instead, consult with a premises liability attorney who can determine the level of care that the property owner owed to you.

Contact us if you have suffered injuries in a Westchester County, premises liability accident

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