If you get hurt while you are on someone else’s property, there is a strong likelihood that the owner will owe you compensation for your injuries. In NYC’s most populous borough, you will have the best opportunity to collect the full amount of damages when you retain the services of a premises liability attorney in Brooklyn. 

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When will a property owner be liable for injuries suffered by someone else on their property?

Property owners are generally responsible for keeping their premises free from known defects that can cause a slip and fall accident. However, the extent of that responsibility varies with the status of the visitor:

  • Individuals implicitly invited onto a property, often for a commercial purpose that benefits the property owner, are owed the highest duty of care. This includes store customers, restaurant patrons, and similar classes of individuals.
  • Licensees are friends and guests who are allowed onto a property for social purposes. Property owners owe them a duty to keep their property reasonably safe, but it does not extend to actively inspecting a property for defects.
  • Trespassers have no invitation or permission to be on a property. Owners cannot willfully harm or actively allow conditions that would pose an undue hazard for them, but otherwise, a premises owner has a lower duty of care.

When you contact a Brooklyn premises liability lawyer about recovering injuries after your slip and fall accident, they will inquire about why you were at the premises– to establish the level of responsibility owed to you.

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What kind of accidents give rise to a Brooklyn premises liability lawsuit?

The types of accidents that give rise to a lawsuit are as varied as the number of different kinds of properties found in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Sunset Park, Borough Park, and elsewhere in Brooklyn.

Those accidents include, for example:

  • Tripping over loose carpeting, uneven flooring, or pavement, or broken or lose thresholds
  • Slipping on wet, oily, or icy surfaces
  • Injuries from falling objects or equipment
  • Attacks from unchained and aggressive dogs
  • Falling into holes or other depressions in outdoor areas
  • Exposure to toxic fumes
  • Assaults from assailants where a property owner does not provide adequate security
  • Vehicle-pedestrian collisions in parking garages that are poorly lit or that do not have proper pedestrian walkways

In addition to asking why you were on the property– an attorney will also get a detailed statement about your accident. You can enhance your ability to recover damages from a negligent property owner by recording as many facts as is possible.

What damages can an injured party recover in a Brooklyn premises liability lawsuit?

Property owners generally maintain liability insurance that will reimburse your injury-related losses. Insurance companies will often attempt to settle premises liability claims quickly with offers to pay your immediate medical expenses and little more.

Those early offers rarely account for your lost wages while you are recovering from injuries, your future injury-related medical expenses, or the value of your pain and suffering. You should always consult with a premises liability lawyer before you sign or accept any offers. It’s important to verify that you are receiving the full amount of compensation for the above losses that you are entitled to recover.

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