There are few places where car accidents are more common than at busy and congested intersections. These crashes can have serious repercussions and are often caused by running red lights, distracted or intoxicated drivers, and not yielding to oncoming traffic.

You could be entitled to damages if you were hurt due to the negligence of another party. Our New York intersection accident lawyers at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley can fight for the compensation you need to heal and rebuild your life. Schedule a free consultation today with an auto accident lawyer. We’re happy to answer your questions and assess if you have a viable claim.

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Intersection car accidents – Who is at fault?

Determining who was at fault in an accident at an intersection is challenging. Different factors come into play because both drivers may share liability. However, the driver who failed to yield the right-of-way in the intersection is generally at fault.

Only one motorist can have the right-of-way in an intersection at any time. When traffic lights control the intersection, it is clearer who has the right of way unless somebody runs a red light. When it comes to intersections controlled by stop signs, the driver who arrives first generally has the right-of-way. A NY personal injury law firm could help you pursue compensation following an intersection car accidentin New York.

Compensation and damages

The damage can be catastrophic when accidents occur at an intersection, especially at high speeds.

Some types of damages we could help you secure include the following:

  • Lost wages. Serious injuries often have long recovery times. While healing, you may not be able to work. Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party could help you recoup the wages you lost during your recovery.
  • Pain and suffering. Pain is subjective, making it difficult to determine your claim’s worth. However, our attorneys can establish how your pain has impacted your life through medical records, eyewitness and expert testimony to show what your claim is worth.
  • Medical costs. The cost of medical treatment is a significant issue for most people who have been hurt in New York intersection accidents. Injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and other serious conditions.
  • Property damage. In addition to your injuries, you might also be entitled to compensation based on the damage to your personal property. This includes your vehicle and expensive electronics such as laptops and cell phones.

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