The consequences of racial profiling are devastating to people who are detained, arrested, questioned, harassed or otherwise targeted based on their color of skin or ethnic background. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “any definition of racial profiling must include, in addition to racially or ethnically discriminatory acts, discriminatory omissions on the part of law enforcement as well.”

Definition of racial profiling

Racial profiling can also be described as a type of institutional racism employed by police officers, TSA, security guards, and others in the field of law enforcement or position of authority. When a Hispanic or African American driver is pulled over by police solely because of their skin color or country of origin, that’s a prime example of racial profiling.

Another example is the widespread targeting– post 9/11– of Muslims and Arabs, who are harassed or detained for minor infractions, or none at all, just because of their race and religion.

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Study raises concerns about NYPD

In 2003, the Department of Justice banned federal law enforcement officials from engaging in racial profiling, but this has done little to hinder the occurrence. A recent study conducted by Columbia Law School Professor Dr. Jeffrey Fagan found that Latinos and blacks are more likely to be stopped than whites by New York police, even in neighborhoods where residents are racially heterogeneous.

The research, headed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, examined data from more 2.8 million “stop-question-and-frisk” stops that took place in New York City from 2004 -2009. Researchers found ample evidence of racial profiling, with 200,000 stops performed without reasonable suspicion and legal justification. The data also found that close to 25 percent of the police reports lacked sufficient basis to justify the legality of the stops.

An implicit bias

According to researchers at the Perception Institute, racial profiling frequently stems from thoughts and feelings that we are not consciously aware of possessing. This “implicit bias” is often acquired at a young age, as children are exposed to ethnic slurs, racial jokes, and subtle acts of discrimination. Caucasians will often associate criminality with black people without even realizing they’re doing it.”

Unfortunately, the problem of racial profiling seems to be getting worse as the years go by. The law office of Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green represent people who have been discriminated against based upon their race, national origin, ethnicity, or religion. After a thoughtful investigation of your case, a New York City civil rights lawyer from our firm can suggest the best strategy for justice moving forward.

Racially motivated preconceptions

Racial profiling undermines and contradicts the ideals of equality under our Constitution, and the practice is patently unjust to innocent people who are targeted because of racially motivated preconceptions or stereotypes. Whether wrongfully stopped, detained, arrested, or harassed, victims are often humiliated and left traumatized and feeling alienated.

Vesla Weaver, a Researcher, and Johns Hopkins University Professor notes the vast difference in how whites and blacks perceive law enforcement in New York, explaining that predominantly black communities struggle to get the police to respond to 911 calls, while white communities continue to value the police due to their high response rates.

Protect your rights with a civil rights lawyer

Racial profiling is systemic in New York, but victims have legal remedies available. If you were unjustly interrogated, stopped, frisked, or detained based on your color of skin or country of origin, call an NYC civil rights lawyer at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green.  

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