Construction sites and scaffolded buildings are everywhere in New York City. Regrettably, the large number of construction projects cause an equally large number of construction accidents that leave injured workers unable to work. Therefore, reducing the volume of construction accidents begins with understanding their most common causes in New York. 

The attorneys of Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green, P.C. have determined that construction accidents flow from one of three primary causes: workers who fall from high elevations, electrocutions, and collisions with construction vehicles or materials.

Falls and dropped tools or materials are leading causes of construction accidents

Falls from scaffolds are common construction accidents. To combat this, New York has adopted special laws and regulations that impose heightened safety obligations on scaffolding companies and contractors. When workers fall from scaffolds or tools drop and injure a worker on the ground, a contractor may be liable for negligence as a result of its failure to follow those regulations.

Workers who suffer injuries in falls from elevated surfaces should consult with construction accident attorneys in New York to determine if they have a right and opportunity to sue for damages. This is above what may be available to them from workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction accident electrocutions can cause permanent disabilities

Frayed power cords, improperly grounded tools, and overhead electrical lines are significant but common hazards. Because of the risks, contractors and project managers need to exercise extra care to prevent accidental contact with live power sources. Construction workers who suffer electrocution injuries may have a solid cause of action for negligence against the negligent parties.

Busy construction sites pose an omnipresent risk of collisions

Collisions with construction vehicles are one of the many risks that construction workers face. Heavy building materials, such as concrete slabs, can injure workers, causing everything from pinched fingers to serious harm such as crushed limbs and internal organ injuries. A contractor who has not implemented proper safety procedures to prevent collisions with construction vehicles or building materials may be liable for negligence damages. These could include lost future wages, ongoing medical costs, and compensation for pain and suffering.

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