Within a reasonable amount of time, a property owner must correct or warn guests about a known unsafe property condition that can cause slip and fall injuries. Whether the owner actually knows about a property hazard is often a function of whether the hazardous condition is permanent or only temporary and fleeting.

When you contact a New York slip and fall attorney at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley, P.C., we will always investigate whether the condition that caused your accident was permanent or temporary. Suppose the evidence reveals that the property owner had prior knowledge of the hazard, notwithstanding its permanent or temporary nature. In that case, we will fight tirelessly to recover maximum compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Permanent Hazards may be a Function of the Property Itself

Permanent hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents might include conditions such as:

  • Cracks or gaps between different types of surfaces
  • Slopes that are an inherent feature of a property
  • Natural streams and waterways
  • Landscaping and wildlife that are native to the property

Owners are charged with inspecting their property to uncover obvious unsafe conditions, even if they are permanent, and either correcting the conditions or warning visitors about them. If a hazard can be observed in a property inspection, the owner will be deemed to have constructive knowledge of it. Therefore, that knowledge will be the basis of liability for a visitor’s injuries.

Owners Must RemediateTemporary Hazards When They Discover Them

Temporary hazards include things like:

  • A wet floor from a spill or some other leak
  • Accumulations of debris from a storm or other conditions
  • Blockage of regular walkways due to construction
  • A buildup of ice or snow

An owner must either fix a temporary hazard or warn guests and visitors about it within a reasonable amount of time. Again, the owner’s actual or imputed knowledge of a dangerous temporary condition is the key to assigning liability. 

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