It is possible to slip and fall at just about any location in New York City. These accidents can occur due to your own carelessness, but frequently they are the result of a dangerous hazard. Although an accident can happen anywhere, some situations are more likely than others to cause a fall.

The important thing to remember is that you could be entitled to a monetary award following a slip and fall accident. If the owner of the property where you fell and hurt yourself failed to take reasonable steps to keep you safe, you could have a case for compensation. Let a New York City slip and fall lawyer advise you of your legal options.

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Falls are common on the sidewalks of New York City. This includes public sidewalks maintained by the city as well as paved areas adjacent to private property which the owners are responsible for maintaining.

New York is no stranger to snow and ice, and these harsh winter conditions can make falls more likely. Property owners have an obligation to remove snow and ice in a reasonable amount of time. If they fail to do so and an accident happens, they could be liable for any injuries that occur.


Falls are also common in grocery stores and other businesses. These businesses typically have floors that become slick when water, food, or other liquids are spilled. Spills are unfortunately common in grocery stores, restaurants, and similar places of business.

The owners and occupiers of these businesses have an obligation to ensure their facility is safe from slip, trip, and fall hazards. The amount of time it takes to respond to a spill will largely determine if the response was reasonable.

Private residences

Falls are common in a variety of businesses, but they also frequently occur on private property as well. In fact, numerous falls in New York City happen in private homes and residential buildings.

One of the most common situations where falls can happen is in stairwells. Stairs in residential buildings are especially dangerous when handrails are loose or lighting is dim.

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There are countless other factors that could increase the risk of a fall on private property. Some examples include:

  • Loose extension cords
  • Broken steps
  • Water leaks
  • Bunched carpet or rugs
  • Uneven flooring
  • Trash or debris

Talk to an attorney about your fall

Understanding where falls commonly occur can be helpful to your personal injury claim. However, the reality is that the right attorney can help you pursue justice no matter where your fall happened. If the property owner or occupier failed to protect you in a reasonable manner, they could be on the hook for your damages.

The attorneys of Friedman Levy Goldfarb & Green have a long track record of handling successful slip and fall claims on behalf of injured New Yorkers. If you are ready to discuss your options, we are ready to help. Reach out as soon as possible for your free consultation.

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