Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including at your place of employment. Some of your expenses and lost wages due to your injuries might be covered by your workers’ compensation insurance. However, those benefits do not necessarily stop you from suing the parties whose negligence caused your injuries.

The New York slip and fall lawyers at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley, P.C. represent injured workers in lawsuits to recover the full measure of their damages when they suffer serious injuries in workplace slip and fall accidents. Many different entities provide services at construction sites and other workplaces. One or more of them might be liable to pay you compensation for your losses.

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What steps should you take after you suffer a slip and fall accident at work?

The first response to any accidental slip and fall at workis to seek medical treatment. An injury that initially seems insignificant can quickly become more critical, particularly if you hit your head or hurt your neck or back.

In New York, you should also promptly report the injury to your employer. If possible, gather evidence including photographs of the accident site and contact information for any coworkers who witnessed it. In every case, you should also consult with a New York workplace slip and fall accident lawyer. They can provide a comprehensive analysis of your right and opportunity to recover greater compensation than might be available through workers’ compensation.

How can a construction worker recover full compensation for slip and fall injuries?

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, and workers are at a greater risk for injury. Therefore, the employer has an obligation to provide a safe work environment. That obligation extends to the site’s owner and other subcontractors and material suppliers to the site, who must manage the site to prevent or remediate:

  • Debris and construction waste that can impede stairways and walking paths
  • Oil spills and other liquid slipping hazards
  • Ditches and obscure holes that might trip a worker
  • Unguarded walkways with missing handholds

A knowledgeable New York construction accident attorney will analyze the dynamics of the construction site and, if the facts warrant, will file a slip and fall lawsuit. As a result, an injured construction worker may be able to recover far greater compensation than is available from workers’ compensation insurance.

What damages can a worker recover after suffering on-the-job slip and fall injuries?

A slip and fall injury can leave an accident victim with broken bones, chronic head and neck pain, serious contusions, and damaged internal organs. The victim might require months or years to recuperate and regain full bodily function to get back to work.

Depending on the extent of the worker’s injuries, a slip and fall accident lawyer will seek to recover:

  • Payments for actual and anticipated medical costs that are not reimbursed by other sources
  • The full amount of a worker’s lost income
  • Compensation for pain and suffering and the impact of that pain and suffering on the worker’s family
  • Reimbursement for transportation costs and expenses for medical and therapy appointments

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