Quadriplegia describes the loss of motor control and sensation from the neck down. It usually results from a traumatic injury to the spinal cord, including birth injuries and car, truck, or pedestrian accidents, among others.

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What is a quadriplegia injury?

As noted, a quadriplegia injury results in the loss of sensation or motor control from the neck down. This condition is similar to paraplegia, which only impacts below the waist. It is also worth noting that not all quadriplegia injuries have the same results. Some spinal cord injuries are “complete,” while others are “incomplete.” This distinction is important to understand.

When a spinal cord injury is complete, it eliminates all feeling or motor control in the body below the damaged portion of the spine. With an incomplete injury, you could still have limited sensation. In either case, a quadriplegia injury lawyer could help pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party.

The role of a quadriplegia spinal cord injury lawyer

Our paralysis injury lawyers in New York City could be your strongest advocates. These claims are complex, but our skilled and experienced team can improve your chances of recovering fair compensation by doing the following:

  • Investigating the cause of your injury
  • Identifying liable parties
  • Developing a theory of negligence
  • Negotiating a potential settlement
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Pursuing litigation against the at-fault parties

Filing a lawsuit—especially for the first time—can be daunting. Pursuing compensation from an insurance company with a team of lawyers can be challenging. That is why it is so important to rely on the experience, skill, and knowledge of our team.

Damages for quadriplegia injuries

When you successfully pursue a quadriplegia injury claim, your compensation will be divided into two categories. Within these categories are multiple types of damages to consider.

The categories of compensation include economic and non-economic damages.

  • Economic damages are the easiest of the two to measure. They are quantifiable financial losses that can be measured to the last dollar using invoices, receipts, or other documentation. The most common examples of economic losses include lost wages and medical expenses.
  • Non-economic losses are more challenging to quantify. These losses are subjective, typically within the context of pain and suffering, e.g., loss of enjoyment of life, depression, or the stress of chronic pain. Trust that a New York quadriplegia lawyer will fight to secure this compensation.

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Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley: Representing Quadriplegia Victims in New York

Every quadriplegia injury is serious, with life-altering consequences for the injury victim and their loved ones. If this has happened to you, now is the time to discuss your legal options.

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