Sharp shards of car glass on the asphalt after a car accident involving two cars.

Car accident misconceptions and myths often prevent New Yorkers from recovering compensation for their losses. Rather than listening to well-meaning but ill-informed people who might reiterate these myths, you should contact the experienced car accident lawyers in New York City at Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley. We can help separate fact from fiction and put you on the path to recovering the full amount of damages you deserve.

Our team has prepared this summary of some of the more common New York car accident myths to help victims understand their rights and remedies after a negligent party has caused injuries in a car crash.

Myth One: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and No-Fault Insurance Will Cover All of Your Damages

PIP insurance only covers your medical expenses and 80% of your lost wages up to your policy limit. Further, no-fault insurance may not cover the total amount of your losses, particularly if you suffered serious injuries in a car crash. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, you will be better protected against the full range of your losses and damages when you consult a knowledgeable New York car accident attorney.

Myth Two: Car Insurance Companies Will Treat You Fairly

Insurance companies that cover car accident liabilities are incentivized to pay you as little as possible and settle your claims quickly before you know the full scope of your damages. They will also not disclose everything that you may be eligible to claim as damages. When you inform an insurer that you are hiring a car accident lawyer, the insurer will deal directly with them and verify that every element of your damages is considered in a car accident settlement.

Myth Three: You Will Keep More of an Insurance Settlement if You Do Not Retain a Lawyer

In almost every NYC car accident case, a personal injury attorney will recover a significantly larger insurance settlement or jury award than you might get without their assistance. Your net amount will also generally be greater, even after paying contingency fees. Your lawyer will not charge you any fees for an initial consultation or while your case is pending. You only pay a legal fee if your case is won or settled. You will have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you call a car accident attorney after you suffer injuries in a car crash.

Myth Four: A Police Report is All You Need to Recover Car Accident Damages

The most common response to the issue of what to do after a car accident is that you should file a police report. That report, however, is only one of many pieces of evidence that an insurer will consider in evaluating your claim. Insurers will also get personal statements from other parties and witnesses to the accident and assess technical and engineering data to corroborate the information in police reports and statements. A car accident lawyer will participate in conferences with insurers to verify that all evidence is consistent with your claim.

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