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By one estimate, approximately 11,000 pedestrians are injured in parking lots every year. Many of those injuries are the result of automobile collisions, but others happen due to unsafe conditions that cause pedestrians to fall. The New York City slip and fall lawyers at Manhattan’s Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley, P.C. help accident victims to recover payments for medical bills when a parking lot owner’s negligence creates dangerous conditions that lead to injuries from falling.

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Determine who owns or manages the parking lot.

This can be a difficult task for parking lots at commercial shopping centers that serve many different tenants. These lots are generally managed by a contractor or property manager that will be responsible for repairing potholes, clearing ice and snow, and removing dangerous debris. Parking facilities owned by state or local governments pose a different challenge. If you fall in a public lot, you may be required to provide a prompt and preliminary notice to the appropriate government entity as a condition to filing a lawsuit to recover compensation for your medical expenses. An experienced slip and fall attorney is best able to analyze your accident and to determine which party is responsible for eliminating the dangerous parking lot conditions where you fell.

Record all information about the conditions that caused the parking lot fall.

Take pictures of the conditions that caused you to trip. If your fall occurred in the evening, check if all outdoor lighting is working properly. Note the exact location of your fall and how far you were from your destination when you fell. That information can be used as evidence to allocate responsibility to the party that will be responsible for your medical bills.

Get a prompt medical exam after your fall, even if you are not sure of who will pay the medical bills.

A prompt medical exam after you have fallen in a parking lot will establish an objective record of your injuries. If you wait several days or weeks to have a medical exam, the party that is ultimately responsible to pay compensation for your injuries might argue that intervening causes (e.g. other falls or accidents) are responsible for those injuries.

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If you were on the job when you fell, you may have a worker’s compensation claim.

Your employer’s workers compensation insurance will cover medical expenses for injuries that you incur while you are on the job and performing work-related tasks.  If you are on the job when you fall in a parking lot, take careful note of what tasks you are handling and verify that those tasks are job-related.

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The accident lawyers in the Manhattan offices of Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb, Green & Bagley will fight for the compensation you need to pay your medical bills after a parking lot fall and to cover for lost wages when you are unable to work, among other expenses. We represent individuals that have suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and throughout NYC and Long Island. Please us today to schedule a no-cost case review with one of our knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall accident attorneys.

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